Jul 1, 2006

Mary Ann

June 23, 2000

Mary Ann has spent the last few days resting and feasting on quail at the vet's office. This morning she was outfitted with a very small and lightweight GPS (Global Positioning System) transmitter to help us learn more about her migration path. For approximately one year, Mary Ann's location will be reported to a satellite every 96 hours.

Around noon, Mary Ann was taken up to the nestbox area and the door of her carrier was opened. She walked out of the carrier and continued to walk around the area just below the nestbox. As soon as Mary Ann was released, both Mariah and Cabot-Sirocco arrived and perched on the Kodak tower where they could watch the activities. Shortly after that, one of Mary Ann's siblings landed on the railing right by her and appeared to be encouraging her with his constant squawking.

Mark Nash, from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, was one of the people monitoring Mary Ann's release. He knew that Mary Ann's release caused the parents' squawking that he interpreted as a summons for a family meeting. All the siblings should have gathered within an hour or so. Mark became concerned when, after an hour, only one sibling had returned.

Meanwhile, people from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and Kodak people associated with the project, continued to monitor Mary Ann's attempts to fly. By nightfall, she still had not taken off.

June 18, 2000

Mary Ann has had trouble staying airborne. Around 9 p.m. she was seen on the sidewalk of State Street, so trained bird rescuers took her to a veterinarian for examination. After receiving medicine for hydration and nutrition, Mary Ann is in good health and now rests at the vet’s office. She’ll most likely be released in one or two days.

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