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Thursday November 29, 2001

"Marcel Gahbauer reports: Earlier this week we received a report that a peregrine wearing a transmitter had been spotted in a tree on the grounds of Rochester Divinity School. Unfortunately, the leg bands were not seen, so we don't know who this might be. Obviously given the location the long lost Maryann is a possibility, but it could also be one of the other birds from Project Track-'em that may have gone silent due to battery problems with the transmitter. Please keep an eye out for this bird, and if you see it try to get a look at the leg bands if at all possible (even colour and position will help us a bit). "

Tuesday June 26, 2001

"Brad Carney reports: Come 12:35 or so ALL FOUR youngsters were flying around the tower for a good solid TEN minutes! What a sight. Locking talons, playing tag, two on two, one on three, three on one, hide and go seek, king of the hill, etc, etc. Seems that during this playful period, they must have all landed and launched from the "attic" ridge a good 6-8 times apiece! I'm here to tell you all that their flying/landing skills are exceptional. Mariah and Cabot-Sirocco are going to have to keep a sharp eye on their backsides and be prepared for unexpected participation in a game of tag!Yesterday, June 25, 2001, we confirmed ALL FOUR youngsters "stacked" together on the north-west facade of the Kodak tower during lunch! At the same time, we were able to witness Mariah & Cabot-Sirocco flying together on the north side in full view of the four "kids". Truly an AWESOME sight!"

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