Jul 25, 2006

Falcon Watch July 25, 7:15 - 7:45 PM

We saw four other watchers as we approached the east side of the pedestrian bridge. Brian, Joyce, Carol and Kathy O. had Mariah spotted on the 17th floor of the Kodak Tower, other than that, it was pretty quiet. Marcia showed up a little while after we did.

My son and I looked for the beavers but the water was pretty muddy and I doubted we would be able to spot them. The weather was beautiful, warm and a little breezy. The gulls and the heron were enjoying the breeze. Here are a couple pictures of the herons:



Heron in the falls.

Aura came flying into the gorge from downtown. She did a fly over the bridge and soared over the observation deck for a minute before she flew back downtown. It was nice to see her.


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