Jul 27, 2006

Gorge at the Gorge


Last Saturday (July 22) at about 3:00 PM Rhea Mae was seen hunting her own food. Carol P. took some beautiful pictures of her on Pride's rock enjoying her quarry, she posted them at the KfalconCam Discussion Board.

A little while after that Kaver came into the gorge with food and Rhea Mae did a food exchange with him.

I got to the gorge at about 6 PM, in time to see Mariah do a beautiful stoop over the gorge near the apartment buildings behind the observation deck. She came back with food and Rhea Mae flew out to do a food exchange with her, after which she enjoyed her third meal. Since Mariah and Kaver were still hungry, they had to go hunting again. Kaver ended up on the middle stack with food. Mariah ended up with some of his dinner and then Rhea Mae somehow got hold of some of it and enjoyed a snack after her dinners. Then she tried to fly!

She made it from the BeeBee station to Building 10 around 9:00 PM. She was on a window ledge 4 stories from the top. That's when I got the picture above. The quality is poor, partly from the poor lighting that time of night. Her formerly slim physique was transformed. Her belly dragged along the ledge as she walked.

It was a really fun night to watch the falcons because of the antics of Rhea Mae. Everyone was joking and kidding around about her feast.

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Wow, look at that belly! I haven't seen a tummy like that since Elvis' last concert. :-)

California Sharon
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