Jul 26, 2006

July 26 Falcon Watch

It was past 7:30 PM went I got to the gorge. Carol, Lou, Dana, Jeanne and Kathy G. were all there. The falcons weren't in the gorge area though. There was a band playing in the park across the gorge, so it was noisy there.

Dana and Lou were going to go downtown to see if they could spot any of the falcons. I decided to go along because I wanted to learn where the falcons hang out downtown.

They spotted one right away on the south side of Xerox. They pointed out some of the other spots where they are likely to be downtown. I decided to go back to the gorge with the other watchers. When I got there they were all leaving. Carol said Dana and Lou had just radioed in that they spotted a falcon on the communication tower. I decided to head over to the communication tower where I saw Lou and Dana just leaving. I spotted the falcon on the tower and got a picture of it.



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