Sep 25, 2006

Rhea Mae at the Toronto Zoo

Rhea Mae

Picture from the Kodak Bircam June 20, 2006

Rhea Mae is currently at the Toronto Zoo where she is being treated for a bad case of bumblefoot. This was reported Saturday, September 23, 2006 at K Falcon Cam, the official discussion group of the Kodak falcons. No details of how she arrived at the zoo were given.

UPDATE: The falcon at the Toronto Zoo was misidentified as Rhea Mae. However, Rhea Mae was seen in Canada squabbling with another falcon, not one of her susters.


Wow, glad that is wasn't one of the Rochester Birds but I wonder where the bird from Toronto is from? Glad to hear that the Rochester bird is still having fun up north!
I agree - although it is a terrible tragedy none the less.
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