May 31, 2007

The eyasses were banded today


Four female eyasses!!!

Grace, Sacajawea, Ananta, Linn

Grace - Band Info: Black 93 over Green V, Tape Color: Blue

Sacajawea - Band Info: Black 92 over Green V, Tape Color: Yellow

Ananta - Band Info: Black 90 over Green V, Tape Color: Silver

Linn - Band Info: Black 91 over Green V, Tape Color: Red

Read about it on the Imprints Blog Banding Day Page and on Lord Garavin's blog and the newspaper!

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Wow! Four of them, and all female. They are so cute. I've been keeping track of our city's "local" celebrities for the past few weeks. Amazing how quickly these birds grow. I think it will be another week or two when our young celebrities fledge. Our falcons are two females and one male. You can catch them on
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