Jun 24, 2007

This Day in Kodak Falcon History, June 24


Kaver stops by the nest box, he can't believe they are all gone either.

Kaver - June 24, 2006

I was very relieved that Rhea Mae made it out from the center stack.

Susan C was too, read her M&K Unofficial Morning Report. Susan always writes such informative reports.

Rhea Mae Really Made It! by Lord Garavin


Skye Gets a Transmitter! by Lord Garavin

Skye was released with her transmitter. Read Donna J's announcement: Super great News

Lou and Granny's pictures of Skye's Release

Chad Stewart's Photography Site: June 24, 2005


The watchers were excited about Tracking Hafoc. by Dick


June 24, 2000

At 5:30 A.M. Mary Ann was spotted flying and doing well. Later in the morning, she and one of her siblings were seen in the nestbox area. The sibling arrived with food. Although he may have intended it for his own meal, Mary Ann boldly stepped up and ate what her brother brought.

When only one sibling returned for yesterday's release of Mary Ann, Mark Nash, from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, became concerned. Although the average peregrine lifespan is 13 - 17 years, only about one out of two will survive to early adulthood. To live into their second year, peregrines have to survive the perils of early flight, when a strong wind can carry off a novice flyer. A search of the area surrounding the Kodak building began. Before long, MichaelAllen was found dead. We suspect that either Mr. Money or McKeever is also dead since only one of the three siblings responded to their parents' summons. People in the Rochester area are asked to be on the lookout for the other missing sibling.

From the Kodak Birdcam Website, now offline

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