Jun 27, 2007

This Day in Kodak Falcon History, June 27


June 27 Video - 9 minutes of video including Sabrina landing on the railing, I was able to get a sharper image than on the video below. You'll see the juveniles scramble after their parents when Kaver brings in food, plus much more.

Video - Sabrina and Jeanne.

Rhea Mae's Rime by pesmen2001

M/K watch Tuesday 6-8 A.M. Anyone for a drumstick? by Jeanne

Fledgewatch-- Tues A.M. by Jeanne

I can see 3 falcons from my window by bess440

Fledge Watch: FOOD FIGHT! by Liza

Fledgewatching on a rather rainy day in Rochester by bwinkler_de

June 27--Wet Fledge Watch 5-7 pm by kllywicks


Fledge Watch: Made in the Shade by Lord Garavin

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super-Kaver!

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