Jul 2, 2007

This Day in Kodak Falcon History, July 2


Lord Garavin shares his watch report and 19 pictures featuring Sabrina and Aura flying over the gorge. The Falcons flew right overhead. Read A Windy Day for Sabrina and Aura via Lord Garavin's Bird Blog ,


scall0way painted a beautiful picture of Esperenza which was uploaded to Yahoo Photos on July 2, 2005. See it here: Oil pastel of Esperenza created by scall0way


Check out Carol P. Kodak Gallery Album from 2004. She has some wonderful pictures from July 2. You'll find a pictures of Hafoc on the Kodak tower and juvies flying. There's also a picture of Alkyonis at Rochester Animal Control Facility. The July 2 pictures are the 101sth - 108th pictures in the album. See them here at Carol P's M&K 2004 Fledge Album via Kodak Gallery.

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