Jul 3, 2007

Video Fledge Watch - July 3, 2007

I finally made it downtown to see the Falcon Fledglings and they didn't disappoint me. I brought my son with me and we joined Joyce, Carol and Kelli for a pleasant afternoon watch. There was some flying over the gorge and some talon tag, but the most memorable part was the comical afternoon meal.

I've included 3 different sizes for your viewing enjoyment. All three videos are exactly the same, so you only have to watch one of them.

See Lou's Watch Report after you watch the video to see more of the story.

Broad Band Version (340 kbps):

ISDN Version (48 Kbps):

Dial-Up Version (38 Kbps):

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Very nice video Barbara. It was great seeing you and Brian. - Carol P.
Hey, it was like watching a documentary! I like what you've done on falconstars, Barb. Nice schtuff! Thanks, Lou
Barbara - So glad you joined us yesterday, and glad you got to see some action on your first visit to the bridge this year. I miss seeing your videos documenting our juvies in flight. Hope you can make some more trips to the bridge. Thanks for sharing. - jlm
Carol - It was nice to get out there and see you and the falcons.

Lou - Thanks, I appreciate your comment.

Joyce - I hope to get out a couple more times.
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