Jul 1, 2007

Watch Reports June 29 & 30

Blog Update - June 28 via KFalconcam by lord_garavin or
Fledge Watch- Jim Pisello, Thursday June 28 7:30am-4pm via Imprints or
Feeding Fledglings & an Ungraceful Landing via Lord Garavin's Bird Blog
19 amazing photos

"Unofficial" just for fun watch by kgals.2007 via KFalconcam 6/30

Fledge Watch: Tom and Ryan Lentz, June 30, 8:00am-9:10am via Imprints

Falcons in the Air by bluebuglou (22 amazing photos, 1 is a picture of the watchers) 6/29
Direct link to pictures: Lou's Kodak Gallery

Second Blog Post, Friday Morning and Lunchtime Watches via KFalconcam by lord_garavin
Direct Link: Pleasant Morning, Gorge-ous Afternoon
Via Imprints: Fledge Watch- Jim Pisello, Friday June 29 6:15am-1:30pm
43 amazing photos! Read about Linn's collision.

Ananta Flies the Friendly Skies by bluebuglou
Direct link to pictures: Lou's Kodak Gallery (55 amazing photos) 6/30
Some absolutely beautiful pictures of Ananta

Pictures from 6-28 & 6-29 by ellisondiscp...
Direct Link: MrBirdNerd (16 amazing photos)

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